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The treatment of Pott's disease remains controversial. The authors present two cases of spinal tuberculosis treated with posterior stabilization and supplementary abscess evacuation via the pedicular route with subsequent chemotherapy. The aim of this procedure was to increase the healing rate. Radiographic evidence of bone healing without any sequelae was(More)
36 patients with 157 inserted pedicular screws are presented. The patients are evaluated in 5 different groups; group I: fractures, group II: spinal tuberculosis, group III: spinal tumours, group IV: spondylolisthesis and group V: scoliosis. The mean age and the mean follow-up of the groups are respectively 42 years and 10.8 months. Cotrel-Dubousset(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to evaluate the effects of dehydration due to tendon exposure on adhesion formation on the tendon surface. METHODS Achilles tendons of 60 New Zealand white rabbits were surgically exposed and evaluated. In the control group (Group 1), the wound was closed immediately; and in the remaining two groups, Achilles tendons(More)
In ten male rats we inserted ceramic 'drawing-pin' implants in weight-bearing positions within the right proximal tibia. Two animals were killed 6 weeks after surgery and two more 14 weeks after surgery. The remaining six received intra-articular injections of either high-density polyethylene (4 rats) or saline (2 rats) at 8, 10 and 12 weeks after surgery.(More)
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