Tamy M. Banin

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Ticks cause massive damage to livestock and vaccines are one sustainable substitute for the acaricides currently heavily used to control infestations. To guide antigen discovery for a vaccine that targets the gamut of parasitic strategies mediated by tick saliva and enables immunological memory, we exploited a transcriptome constructed from salivary glands(More)
Ruthenium-derived complexes have emerged as new nitric oxide (NO) donors that may help circumvent the NO deficiency that impairs vasodilation. NO in vessels can be produced by the endothelial cells and/or released by NO donors. NO interacts with soluble guanylyl-cyclase to produce cGMP to activate the kinase-G pathway. As a result, conductance arteries,(More)
We compute the non-holomorphic corrections to low-energy effective action (higher derivative terms) in N = 2, SU (2) SYM theory coupled to hypermultiplets on a non-abelian background for a class of gauge fixing conditions. A general procedure for calculating the gauge parameters depending contributions to one-loop superfield effective action is developed.(More)
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