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The healthcare industry has developed a dependence on information technology (IT) for maintaining and improving both clinical and business operations. Whether IT is used for office automation or for reducing medical errors, there are five constants that routinely influence the successful integration of IT in healthcare. These constants are the proper use(More)
Knowledge management systems (KMS) are an important component of implementing successful knowledge management initiatives in organizations. In order for such systems to achieve their intended benefit, it is important that the knowledge workers both contribute knowledge to the systems, and that they reuse knowledge which has been contributed by others. It(More)
Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) have the potential to help physicians overcome their own limitations in terms of information processing and decision making to create an outcome that is most beneficial to patients. While the impacts of CDSS have been shown to increase efficiency in a number of clinical trials, the results of these trials is varied(More)
Although Internet addiction has been widely reported as a problematic phenomenon, Internet addiction disorder has still not been officially recognized as a form of behavioral disorder in the most recent edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical of Manual of Mental Disorders. Nonetheless, studies of Internet addiction have received increased attention from(More)
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