Tamsin Bryan

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The demographics and prevalence of symptoms in patients at first referral to the different components of palliative care services were identified by a retrospective case note study of 400 patients referred to three palliative care centres in London, UK: Michael Sobell House, Mount Vernon Hospital; The North London Hospice; St Bartholomew's and the Royal(More)
The purpose of this study was to examine whether teachers' judgments of students' social competence and school adjustment differentiated students with learning disabilities (LD) (n = 30; boys = 19, girls = 11) from low-achieving (LA) students (n = 29; boys = 17, girls = 12) and average-achieving (AA) students (n = 33; boys = 18, girls = 15) at two grade(More)
Two studies are reported that assessed the impact of positive moods on students' feelings of self-efficacy and math performance. In the first study, 32 black and Hispanic girls and boys in the third to fifth grades, who had been identified by teachers as at risk for school failure, and a control sample of normally achieving classmates served as subjects. In(More)
Previous studies have generally examined learning disabled children's syntactic ability either on structured tasks or by analyzing oral language samples collected under conditions not typical of natural communicative settings. Thus, these studies are of limited value in exploring the impact of learning disabled children's deficits in linguistic structure on(More)
Calciphylaxis, or calcific uremic arteriopathy, is a rare complication of end-stage renal impairment. It is characterized by the development of small vessel vasculopathy with subcutaneous necrosis and ulceration. Intense pain and cutaneous hyperesthesia are prominent features. Mortality rates are high, and the resulting morbidity is significant. While(More)
This study assessed the reported responses of junior high school students with learning disabilities and normally achieving classmates to peer pressure to conform in prosocial and antisocial activities. The results replicate those of an earlier study in finding that students with learning disabilities indicated more willingness than their classmates to(More)
A survey of homework experiences was administered to 1,527 elementary and junior high students in regular (n = 1,242), resource (n = 234), and self-contained special education (n = 51) classrooms. The results found significant main effects for Group, Grade, and Group by Grade interactions for items related to amount of, type of, and time spent doing(More)