Tamseela Hussain

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Septic shock frequently requires vasopressor agents. Conflicting evidence exists for use of inotropes in patients with septic shock. Data from English studies on human adult septic shock patients were collected. A total of 83 studies were reviewed, while 11 studies with 21 data sets including 239 patients were pooled for meta-regression analysis. For VO2,(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop and characterize a large, representative sample of guideline recommendations that can be used to better understand how current recommendations are written and to test the adequacy of guideline models. We refer to this sample as the Yale Guideline Recommendation Corpus (YGRC). METHOD To develop the YGRC, we extracted recommendations(More)
This is a retrospective database study of veterans who had total knee arthroplasty (TKA) at Veterans Affairs Connecticut Healthcare System. The objective of this study is to determine if VistA medical records data can be used to create a methodology for accurate assessment of waiting times for TKAs performed at Veterans Affairs facilities. The average(More)
Recommendation strength, is important for informed clinical decision making as it describes the authors judgment of benefits, risks, harms, and costs of adherence. We examined how often guideline authors documented strength by analyzing a representative sample of 1275 recommendations, the Yale Guideline Recommendation Corpus. We found variability and(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this paper is to explore unnecessary outpatient department attendances and to improve efficiency by actively pre-assessing patient charts and pre-specifying management plans before scheduled outpatient visits. DESIGN/METHODOLOGY/APPROACH All charts were reviewed by a senior clinician two weeks before the clinic and a brief, written(More)
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