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Abolishing the word-length effect.
The authors report 2 experiments that compare the recall of long and short words in pure and mixed lists. In pure lists, long words were much more poorly remembered than short words. In mixed lists,Expand
Backward recall and benchmark effects of working memory
Working memory was designed to explain four benchmark memory effects: the word length effect, the irrelevant speech effect, the acoustic confusion effect, and the concurrent articulation effect.Expand
When does length cause the word length effect?
The word length effect, the finding that lists of short words are better recalled than lists of long words, has been termed one of the benchmark findings that any theory of immediate memory mustExpand
Backward recall and the word length effect.
The word length effect, the finding that words that have fewer syllables are recalled better than otherwise comparable words that have more syllables, is one of the benchmark effects that must beExpand
Short Article: Age-Related Differences in the Von Restorff Isolation Effect
When one item is made distinct from the other items in a list, memory for the distinctive item is improved, a finding known as the isolation or von Restorff effect (after von Restorff, 1933).Expand
The syllable-based word length effect and stimulus set specificity
The word length effect is the finding that a list of items that take less time to pronounce is better recalled on an immediate serial recall test than an otherwise equivalent list of items that takeExpand
The time-based word length effect and stimulus set specificity
The word length effect is the finding that short items are remembered better than long items on immediate serial recall tests. The time-based word length effect refers to this finding when the listsExpand
Changing state and the irrelevant sound effect
The definition of changing relating to the dynamic spectral and temporal properties of the irrelevant stimuli are studied. Expand
Irrelevant tapping and the acoustic confusion effect: the effect of spatial complexity.
When items in a to-be-remembered list sound similar, recall performance is worse than when items are acoustically distinct, what is known as the acoustic confusion effect (ACE). When participants areExpand
Does the isolation effect require attention?
An item that differs from the surrounding items is remembered better than an item that is consistent with its surroundings; this is known as the von Restorff effect or isolation effect (von Restorff,Expand