Tamotsu Soma

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Cyclic AMP (cAMP) promotes functions of tight junctions in endothelial cells, although its target remains unknown. We showed here that cAMP increased gene expression of claudin-5 and decreased that of claudin-1 in porcine blood-brain-barrier endothelial cells via protein kinase A (PKA)-independent and -dependent pathways, respectively. cAMP also enhanced(More)
Mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) modulates the barrier function of tight junctions. We identified a putative phosphorylation site for MAPK at around Thr203 (PKPTP) in claudin-1, and determined the biological significance of this site. To this end, using the rat lung endothelial cell line RLE, we generated cells expressing doxycycline (Dox)-inducible(More)
PURPOSE Although rare, hand injury caused by puncture with the sea urchin spine can result in serious complications. To emphasize its clinical significance, this article describes a group of patients who sustained chronic granulomatous arthritis induced by puncture with sea urchin spine (designated sea urchin spine arthritis). METHODS Five patients who(More)
We have recently shown that cyclic AMP (cAMP) increases claudin-5 immunoreactivity along cell boundaries and could promote phosphorylation of claudin-5 on threonine residues in porcine blood-brain barrier (BBB) endothelial cells via a protein kinase A (PKA)-dependent pathway (Exp. Cell Res. 290 [2003] 275). Along this line, we identified a putative(More)
Chordomas are rare, low grade, malignant tumours derived from the ectopic remnants of the notochord that line the axial skeleton. They are characterised by their slow growth, long disease course and propensity for local relapse. Furthermore, up to 40% of non-cranial chordomas metastasise. We describe the first reported case of a hand metastasis arising from(More)
Eine neue Messmethode für Durchblutungsmessungen besteht darin, dass selbstgeregelter Strom mit Hilfe des Rückkopplungsregelungssystems für die Heizung gebraucht wird. Mit dieser Methode wird der Temperaturunterschied zwischen den geheizten und den gekühlten Kontaktplatten ganz gering und konstant gehalten, so dass der Effekt der lokalen Wärmeakkumulation,(More)
BACKGROUND CD109, a TGF-β co-receptor, is reported to be preferentially expressed during the early stages of tumorigenesis in several carcinoma types. Myxofibrosarcoma is one of the most common soft-tissue sarcomas found in elderly patients. This study aimed to elucidate the impact of CD109 expression in myxofibrosarcoma on prognosis and recurrence. (More)
Myxofibrosarcoma is one of the most common sarcomas in the extremities of elderly people. It is characterized by a high frequency of local recurrence due to an infiltrative growth property. In contrast, the overall risk of distant metastases is generally low. This makes the prognosis for the patients with myxofibrosarcoma definitely good. In this paper, we(More)
animal on several occasions and findings of proliferation of germinal center and focal lymphoidcell infiltration were checked in the colon and the small intestine of the test animals, but also in some of the controls the similar changes were observed. Therefore no certain significant difference was shown in contrast to other reports. 2) The pursuit of(More)