Tamotsu Hayashi

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In a bandwidth-restricted environment, optimum video delivery is a demanding but a technically challenging issue. Exploiting the trade-off between the image-quality and the frame-rate in adapting to varying channel bandwidth is an attractive solution. We describe an application level adaptive methodology for M-JPEG transmission considering available channel(More)
We describe a case study of the design and verification of a parallel and pipe-lined image processing unit based on an extended Petri net, which is called a Logical Colored Petri net (LCPN). This is suitable for Flexible-Manufacturing System (FMS) modeling and discussion of structural properties. LCPN is another family of colored p/t-net(CPN) with the(More)
This document specifies a common protocol design template for authentication on the Hyper-text Transport Protocol (HTTP) involving multi-hop message exchanges. To facilitate advanced authentication technologies such as hash-based exchanges, zero-knowledge password proof, or public-key authentications on HTTP, a kind of state management and key management(More)
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