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A crystalline solid exhibits thermally induced localised non-affine droplets in the absence of external stress. Here we show that upon an imposed shear, the size of these droplets grow until they percolate at a critical strain, well below the value at which the solid begins to yield. This critical point does not manifest in most thermodynamic or mechanical(More)
We show, using molecular-dynamics simulations, that a two-dimensional Lennard-Jones solid exhibits droplet fluctuations characterized by nonaffine deviations from local crystallinity. The fraction of particles in these droplets increases as the mean density of the solid decreases and approaches ≈20% of the total number in the vicinity of the fluid-solid(More)
We study structural transitions in a system of interacting particles arranged as a crystalline bilayer, as a function of the density ρ and the distance d between the layers. As d is decreased a sequence of transitions involving triangular, rhombic, square and centred rectangular lattices is observed. The sequence of phases and the order of transitions(More)
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