Tamoghna Das

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We review concepts and methods associated with quantum discord and related topics. We also describe their possible connections with other aspects of quantum information and beyond, including quantum communication, quantum computation, many-body physics, and open quantum dynamics. Quantum discord in the multiparty regime and its applications are also(More)
Particulate aggregates occur in a variety of non-equilibrium steady-state morphologies ranging from finite-size compact crystalline structures to non-compact string-like conformations. This diversity is due to the competition between pair-wise short range attraction and long range repulsion between particles. We identify different microscopic mechanisms in(More)
A dimensionless parameter Λ is proposed to describe a hierarchy of morphologies in two-dimensional (2D) aggregates formed due to varying competition between short-range attraction and long-range repulsion. Structural transitions from finite non-compact to compact to percolated structures are observed in the configurations simulated by molecular dynamics at(More)
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