Tammy Surgenor

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This article reports the piloting of an approach to apply the principles of child involvement to service experience research. The approach aimed to systematically explore the service concerns of children who had received mental health care. Eleven children who had previously attended mental health services took part in focus groups to discuss their(More)
In the course of family studies of haplotypes of the alleles of the sixth chromosome loci HLA-A, C, B, D/DR, BF, C2, C4A, C4B, and glyoxalase I, we encountered an unusual BF variant. Its mobility was similar to BF F but it appeared to have a lesser intensity after straining with Coomassie Blue, and it was demonstrated by crossed immunoelectrophoresis to be(More)
Rabbit antisera to bovine lens leucine aminopeptidase (LAP) have been prepared. These LAP-specific antisera cross-react with a component, LAP, in human lens homogenates. Bovine and human lens LAP are similar but not identical. Immunodiffusion tests show that LAP is present in a vast majority if not all cataractous and normal human lens homogenates. Results(More)
The association between life events and psychological distress was found to be mediated by attitudes towards emotional expression for those with low social support but not for those with high social support. Passive interpersonal behaviour significantly accounted for additional variance in psychological distress to that accounted for by life events and(More)
Antisera specific for leucine aminopeptidase (LAP) were prepared. Using these antisera in immunodiffusion tests, the identity of LAP isolated from beef lens and kidney is demonstrated. The same pertains to hog lens and kidney LAP. As indicated by only partial fusion of the immunoprecipitates in immunodiffusion plates, leucine aminopeptidases isolated from(More)
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