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The Competency Outcomes and Performance Assessment Model (COPA) prepares learners for effective role performance in the workplace by delineating comprehensive, core clinical behaviors that provide evidence of competence. This article explores the experiences of COPA model implementation in two nursing programs and a statewide nurse internship program. The(More)
As nursing programs respond to vital initiatives such as Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN), nursing faculty will discover important shared values exist between competency-based curricular models and the latest call for stronger foci on safety and quality. This article describes how one university is using the QSEN competencies to enhance its(More)
A perioperative nurse leader's ability to effect positive change and inspire others to higher levels of achievement is related to his or her leadership style in the practice setting and the leadership style that is present across the organization. The American Nurses Credentialing Center's Magnet™ designation and redesignation process requires the(More)
Pertussis is a significant public health problem with a dramatic rise in reported cases. Academic and clinical nursing educators are challenged to develop policies based on evolving national immunization guidelines. Of relevance to clinical educators, several outbreaks involving health care facilities and universities have been reported in the past few(More)
Patient safety and quality care are issues of major concern for nursing and all health care professions. Initiatives driven by these concerns have been undertaken during the past decade by organizations and agencies at the local, state, and national levels. One comprehensive framework used by many schools and agencies is Lenburg's Competency Outcomes and(More)
A hospital considering the lease of a helicopter for use in a medical emergency evacuation program will need to consider many issues, from the type and availability of the aircraft needed to the experience and qualifications required of the pilot and mechanic. Also to be considered are the liability of the hospital for negligence or misconduct of the(More)
Often, when buying computer software, computer hardware, or communications equipment, the vendor develops the contractual agreement concerning purchase, licensing, and maintenance. And often, this agreement falls short of the buyer's expectations. Therefore, it is important to understand what responsibilities should be required of the vendor, so as to(More)
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