Tammy S Campbell

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The kinetics of onset of rate-dependent depression of maximum rate of depolarisation (Vmax) of guinea-pig ventricular action potentials were studied for nine Class I anti-arrhythmic drugs using standard microelectrode techniques. The drugs were found to fall into three well-demarcated subgroups with "fast" (lignocaine, tocainide and mexiletine),(More)
Motivational interviewing, a directive, patient-centred counselling approach focused on exploring and resolving ambivalence, has emerged as an effective therapeutic approach within the addictions field. However, the effectiveness of motivational interviewing in weight-loss interventions is unclear. Electronic databases were systematically searched for(More)
BACKGROUND Aphthous ulcers are common and painful. Current treatments are palliative and focused on pain reduction. This article reports on the clinical trials of a novel, bioadhesive treatment modality. METHODS Formulations of 2-octyl cyanoacrylate, or 2-OCA, tissue adhesive were tested in two blinded, sham-controlled studies. A total of 200 patients(More)
In 6 years snake bite was diagnosed in 41 cats, with an average age of 20 months. The commonest presenting signs were dilated pupils, absence of the pupillary light reflex, depression and generalised muscle weakness. Other frequent findings were vomiting, dyspnoea, hindlimb ataxia and complete flaccid paralysis. Thirty-seven cases (90%) occurred in the 6(More)
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