Tammy McClellan

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Social workers are encouraged and often expected to conduct research in addition to their clinical duties. Unfortunately, few practitioners seem interested and there is usually a lack of tangible supports in most practice settings. To counter this, a support group of non-supervisory clinical social workers in a Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center(More)
Although many psychiatric inpatient units have banned smoking, the authors suggest that problems associated with implementation of no-smoking policies in these settings have been underreported. Over a two-year period after implementation of a smoking ban on inpatient units at a Veterans Affairs medical center, an estimated 20 to 25 percent of patients who(More)
Social workers are required to collect a considerable amount of personal information about clients and their families which may be unrelated to direct clinical work. Administrators often use this for the purpose of payment, service documentation, agency planning, and accountability. The worker's concern about the appropriateness of collecting this data may(More)
The authors describe clinical and legal dilemmas faced by staff involved in providing inpatient psychiatric treatment to two HIV carriers who continued to practice high-risk behaviors after learning of their HIV infection. Staff were unsure of their obligation to report the patients under a state law giving the commissioner of health broad discretion to(More)
Intravenous drug abusers in a methadone program in Minnesota were offered HIV-antibody screening to determine the degree of interest in screening and extent of infection. Thirty-nine (85 percent) were willing to be tested. Only seven refused. All patients were aware of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and their high risk of exposure to the AIDS(More)