Tammy Day

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Fine-scale genetic variation between human populations is interesting as a signature of historical demographic events and because of its potential for confounding disease studies. We use haplotype-based statistical methods to analyse genome-wide single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) data from a carefully chosen geographically diverse sample of 2,039(More)
There is a great deal of interest in a fine-scale population structure in the UK, both as a signature of historical immigration events and because of the effect population structure may have on disease association studies. Although population structure appears to have a minor impact on the current generation of genome-wide association studies, it is likely(More)
Although inclusive postsecondary education programs are increasingly available, little is known about the attitudes of matriculating college students toward the inclusion of students with intellectual disabilities in their classes. To assess these attitudes, the authors surveyed 256 college students about their attitudes toward students with intellectual(More)
IN THE PAST, user services groups have effectively served the small and homogeneous university communities involved in computing, Currently, however, the movement on university campuses is toward decentralized computing because of networking, the widespread use of microcomputers, and the entry of nontraditional users into computing. Because of this(More)
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