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Drainage of a saturated horizontal aquifer following a sudden drawdown is reanalyzed using the Boussinesq equation. The effect of the finite length of the aquifer is considered in detail. An analytical approximation based on a superposition principle yields a very good estimate of the outflow when compared to accurate numerical solutions. An illustration of(More)
tion and deposition has improved in the past 10 yr, scientific reviews emphasize the need for more research on The transport, retention, and release of hydrophobic and hydro-the mechanisms controlling transport in the unsaturated philic polystyrene latex microsphere colloids were examined in 0.5-cm-thick, 26-cm-long slab chambers filled with either regular(More)
Papers published in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions are under open-access review for the journal Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Abstract Reducing non-point source phosphorus (P) loss to drinking water reservoirs is a main concern for New York City watershed planners. A spatially distributed model of total dissolved phosphorus (TDP)(More)
Grain production shortfalls in northern Ethiopia are commonly associated with occurrence of intra-seasonal dry spells or droughts and rapid land degradation which adversely impact crop yields. Suitable practices that use available rainwater more efficiently to mitigate impact of dry spells on crops and that protect soil are needed to stabilize and improve(More)
Despite observa onal evidence of lateral preferen al fl ow paths in northeastern U.S. watersheds , their eff ects on the sources of runoff remain unclear. An intense fi eld survey was undertaken during the 2007 growing season to determine the sources of stream runoff from a 2.51 km 2 watershed in the Catskill Mountains, New York State. Lateral preferen al(More)
Capillary rise from shallow groundwater can decrease the need for irrigation water. However, simple techniques do not exist to quantify the contribution of capillary flux to crop water use. In this study we develop the Agricultural Water Productivity Model for Shallow Groundwater (AWPM-SG) for calculating capillary fluxes from shallow groundwater using(More)
Water tables are dropping by approximately one meter annually throughout the North China Plain mainly due to water withdrawals for irrigating winter wheat year after year. In order to examine whether the drawdown can be reduced we calculate the net water use for an 11 year field experiment from 2003 to 2013 where six irrigated crops (winter wheat, summer(More)
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