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We introduced a novel method for the rapid synthesis of silver nanohexagonal thin columns from an aqueous mixture of sodium thiosulfate (Na2S2O3) and silver chloride (AgCl) simply added to a phosphor bronze substrate. The reaction is based on galvanic displacement and the products are potentially useful for plasmonic applications.
Photoinduced electron transfer in donor-acceptor systems composed of quantum dots (QDs) and electron donors or acceptors is a subject of considerable recent research interest due to the potential applications of such systems in both solar energy harvesting and degradation of organic pollutants. Herein, we employed single-molecule imaging and spectroscopy(More)
For single colloidal Ag nanoaggregates, covered with either large or small amounts of citrate anions, blinking surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) of anionic thiacyanine was measured and analyzed by a truncated power law. The power law without and with an exponential function reproduces a probability distribution for bright and dark SERS events versus(More)
A highly efficient natural light-harvesting antenna has a ring-like structure consisting of dye molecules whose absorption band changes through selective evolutionary processes driven by external stimuli, i.e., sunlight depending on its territory and thermal fluctuations. Inspired by this fact, here, we experimentally and theoretically demonstrate the(More)
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