Tamio Takamura

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Seasonal characteristics of aerosol optical properties in Sky Radiometer Network (SKYNET) Hefei site are studied using a sky radiometer from March 2007 to May 2013. The aerosol optical depth (AOD), Angstrom exponent (AE), volume size distributions, single-scattering albedo (SSA), refractive index, and asymmetry factor (ASY) of aerosols are simultaneously(More)
1. ABSTRACT Proper depiction of the water vapor distribution in the upper troposphere and its radiative properties is critical for the accuracy of climate and atmospheric circulation model predictions. In this work, differences between satellite observations (from Terra-MODIS) and simulations from atmospheric models outputs are examined. The models are the(More)
SKYNET is an international research network of ground-based Prede sky radiometers for the observation and monitoring of aerosol–cloud–radiation interactions in the atmosphere. The algorithm developed by SKYNET is SKYRAD.pack, which can be used to process the measurement data of Prede instruments. In this study, the latest SKYRAD.pack software (Version 5.0)(More)
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