Tamim A Darwish

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We compared three groups of patients with panic disorder, generalised anxiety disorder and major depressive episode with a control group. Methods of comparison included a clinical profile of the patients, assessed by the Arabic version of the Present State Examination (PSE), a psychological battery of tests measuring personality traits and depressive and(More)
Trehalose, a natural disaccharide with bioprotective properties, is widely recognized for its ability to preserve biological membranes during freezing and dehydration events. Despite debate over the molecular mechanisms by which this is achieved, and that different mechanisms imply quite different distributions of trehalose molecules with respect to the(More)
We describe a straightforward method, for synthesis of large scale (gram quantities) of highly deuterated phytanic acid from commercially available phytol while preserving the stereochemistry around the chiral centres. The subsequent synthesis of tail-deuterated analogues of the archeabacterial membrane lipids(More)
Oleic acid and its phospholipid derivatives are fundamental to the structure and function of cellular membranes. As a result, there has been increasing interest in the availability of their deuterated forms for many nuclear magnetic resonance, infrared, mass spectroscopy and neutron scattering studies. Here, we present for the first time a straightforward,(More)
The organometallic alkane complexes Re(Cp)(CO)(PF(3))(alkane) and Re(Cp)(CO)(2)(alkane) have been detected after the photolysis of Re(Cp)(CO)(2)(PF(3)) in alkane solvent. NMR and time-resolved IR experiments reveal that the species produced by the interaction of n-pentane with [Re(Cp)(CO)(PF(3))] are an equilibrium mixture of Re(Cp)(CO)(PF(3))(pentane) and(More)
An international project developed, quality-tested, and determined isotope-δ values of 19 new organic reference materials (RMs) for hydrogen, carbon, and nitrogen stable isotope-ratio measurements, in addition to analyzing pre-existing RMs NBS 22 (oil), IAEA-CH-7 (polyethylene foil), and IAEA-600 (caffeine). These new RMs enable users to normalize(More)
We report a new generic method of reversibly controlling the photochromism of spiropyrans. It was found that the photochromic effect of spiropyrans can be reversibly switched on and off by addition and removal of carbon dioxide (CO(2)) to spiropyran in alcohol solutions containing an amidine (i.e., DBU) that acts as a CO(2) sensitizer. Spiropyrans are not(More)
Metal-organic framework materials (MOFs) have recently been shown in some cases to exhibit strong negative thermal expansion (NTE) behavior, while framework interpenetration has been found to reduce NTE in many materials. Using powder and single-crystal diffraction methods we investigate the thermal expansion behavior of interpenetrated Cu3(btb)2 (MOF-14)(More)
Deuterated arylamines demonstrate great potential for use in optoelectronic devices, but their widespread utility requires a method for large-scale synthesis. The incorporation of these deuterated materials into optoelectronic devices also provides the opportunity for studies of the functioning device using neutron reflectometry based on the difference in(More)