Tamilvendan Manavalan

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The development of alternative energy sources by applying lignocellulose-based biofuel technology is critically important because of the depletion of fossil fuel resources, rising fossil fuel prices, security issues regarding the fossil fuel supply, and environmental issues. White-rot fungi have received much attention in recent years for their valuable(More)
Harmful environmental issues of fossil-fuels and concerns about petroleum supplies have spurred the search for renewable alternative fuels such as biofuel. Agricultural crop residues represent an abundant renewable resource for future biofuel. To be a viable alternative, a biofuel should provide a net energy gain, have environmental benefits, be(More)
We evaluated the production and characterization of endoglucanase from Ganoderma lucidum using different lignocellulose biomasses. We purified a novel carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) hydrolyzing endoglucanase from the white-rot fungus G. lucidum when the medium was supplemented with 1% (w/v) wheat bran. Endoglucanase was purified 12.5-fold via ammonium(More)
Laccase is industrially important but a major challenge is the production of an ideal laccase with suitable physicochemical properties to tolerate temperature, surfactants, metal ions and solvents towards its potential application in bioremediation. A laccase with a molecular mass of 43 kDa was purified from Pleurotus sp. MAK-II. It was optimally active at(More)
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