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FARP2 triggers signals for Sema3A-mediated axonal repulsion
Sema3A, a prototypical semaphorin, acts as a chemorepellent or a chemoattractant for axons by activating a receptor complex comprising neuropilin-1 as the ligand-binding subunit and plexin-A1 as theExpand
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Repulsive and attractive semaphorins cooperate to direct the navigation of cardiac neural crest cells.
The cardiac neural crest, a subpopulation of the neural crest, contributes to the cardiac outflow tract formation during development. However, how it follows the defined long-range migratory pathwayExpand
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A Framework for Using Consequential Validity Evidence in Evaluating Large-Scale Writing Assessments: A Canadian Study
A defining characteristic of Canadian identity is diversity, and the multicultural and multiethnic constitution of the Canadian population is as diverse as the country's geographic regions.Expand
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Retinoid storage in the egg of reptiles and birds.
Storage of retinal has been confirmed in eggs from a range of anamniotic vertebrates (teleosts and amphibians) and an ascidian, but the retinoid-storage state in eggs of oviparous amnioticExpand
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