Tami Richards

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This study examines the possibility that estimation of the effect of breast-feeding on infant survival is affected by selection bias, in that children who are healthier at birth may be more likely to be breast-fed. Data are from the 1976 Malaysian Family Life Survey. "Ordinary logit models for breast-feeding and survival are estimated, and the results(More)
This document presents an extensive statistical portrait of children in welfare households in Tennessee. When Families First was implemented in 1996, a major concern among policy makers and researchers was that imposing time limits and work requirements on welfare parents would unnecessarily harm children in the system. Fears of increased child poverty(More)
This report presents a detailed analysis of the incidence of work requirements, exemptions from work requirements, and sanctions for work requirement non-compliance among welfare recipients in Tennessee. We examine the demographic characteristics associated with the above, and also perform multivariate regression to more precisely identify the specific(More)
The imposition of work requirements in 1996 marked a major change in U.S. welfare policy and prompted states to take a broader approach to welfare assistance. Requiring participants to work meant not only providing cash assistance but also identifying and removing the barriers to employment. This broader approach is evidenced by both a change in policy and(More)
Executive Summary Work requirements imposed on American welfare recipients in 1996 brought a substantial policy and spending shift toward support services. Requiring participants to work meant devoting resources to eliminating the most significant barriers to employment. Participants and administrators have consistently identified transportation as one of(More)
A wave of welfare reform legislation swept through the nation in the mid-1990s, leaving in its wake a dramatically different network of state-specific welfare policies. Perhaps the most radical policy change was the implementation of time limits on benefit receipt. Within the next year, the effects of these limitations will begin to become evident as(More)
The authors would like to thank members of the Land Owners and Users of Douglas and the Cherokee Lake Users Association who provided input and information; area business establishments which allowed surveys to be administered at their facilities; TVA which provided data and other information; and Ken Cordell, John Bergstrom, Paul Jakus and Mike McKee for(More)