Tamer S. Fatayer

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One of the several benefits of text classification is to automatically assign document in predefined category. Researchers using LVQ algorithm in English and Persian [1, 2] and don't be attention for Arabic language. So in our research, we used neural network approach for classify Arabic text by using Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ) algorithm. This(More)
Abstract-Attackers exploit software vulnerabilities, such as stack overflow, heap overflow, and format string errors, to break into victim machines and implant backdoors to maintain access. They typically use obfuscation techniques, such as encryption and covert channels, to hide their command-and-control traffic and avoid detection. In this paper, we show(More)
Cloud provider is central processing with shared resources to serve the vendors on demand over the internet where, Cloud model is divided into deployment and service model. In this paper, we address the service model especially privacy where, the privacy allows customers to ensure that their data in cloud not access by unauthorized persons. We implement a(More)
The keys generated by (symmetric or asymmetric) have been still compromised by attackers. Cryptography algorithms need extra efforts to enhance the security of keys that are transferring between parities. Also, using cryptography algorithms increase time consumption and overhead cost through communication. Encryption is very important issue for protecting(More)
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