Tamer N. Jarada

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Prediction is one of the most attractive aspects in data mining. Link prediction has recently attracted the attention of many researchers as an effective technique to be used in graph based models in general and in particular for social network analysis due to the recent popularity of the field. Link prediction helps to understand associations between nodes(More)
The tremendous research effort on diseases and drug discovery has produced a huge amount of important biomedical information which is mostly hidden in the web. In addition, many databases have been created for the purpose of storing enormous amounts of information and high-throughput experiments related to drugs and diseases' effects on genes. Thus,(More)
Recent developments of complex graph clustering methods have implicated the practical applications with biological networks in different settings. Multi-scale Community Finder (MCF) is a tool to profile network communities (i.e., clusters of nodes) with the control of community sizes. The controlling parameter is referred to as the scale of the network(More)
Frequent pattern mining and consequently association rule mining is a useful technique for discovering relationships between items in databases. However, as the size of the data to be analyzed increases or the values of the pruning thresholds decrease, larger number of frequent pattern and more association rules will be generated with little information(More)