Tamer N. Jarada

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Prediction is one of the most attractive aspects in data mining. Link prediction has recently attracted the attention of many researchers as an effective technique to be used in graph based models in general and in particular for social network analysis due to the recent popularity of the field. Link prediction helps to understand associations between nodes(More)
This paper presents a comprehensive approach for the transformation of ODL Schemas into XML Schemas. The approach starts with an incomplete set of rules described in the literature to assist in the transformation process. The fact that the rules provided a solid foundation for expansion, as well as the fact that the rules only cover a small subset of ODL,(More)
Frequent pattern mining and consequently association rule mining is a useful technique for discovering relationships between items in databases. However, as the size of the data to be analyzed increases or the values of the pruning thresholds decrease, larger number of frequent pattern and more association rules will be generated with little information(More)
In parallel to rapid growth of internet technologies, security becomes more critical in various real life applications such as e-finance, e-health, and e-government. These applications strictly require data authentication mechanisms. To address this essential issue, we grasp the idea of client based authenticity for interactive web technologies. We proposed(More)