Tamer M. Nassef

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In this paper, a new approach for segmenting different anatomical reg ions in dental Computed Tomography (CT) studies is presented. The approach consists of three steps: Hounsfield unit's threshold (HU) based on gray-level segmentation, multi-object with textu re extraction and anatomical regions identification. First, a HU threshold window sets to separate(More)
The non-linearity of human Biting Force (BF) provides a non-accurate computational analysis results, where sensing resistor, surface material of the sensor, time measurement factors and the computational software are importance to increase the medical analysis accuracy. The emphasis in the presented study is to build an integrated solution to increase(More)
Using the properties of capacitors, touch can be used as an enormously effective technique of input and control, but is a challenge when it comes to large-sized touch electrodes especially those with complex shapes because they impose electrical and industrial constrains on the designer. This paper addresses the design of a computerized system to help in(More)
During the past few decades, unalloyed titanium has been extensively used as a material of dental implant-supported restorations but it cause gingival discoloration and unnatural appearance of the surrounding soft tissue. Currently, yttrium oxide partially-stabilized zirconia (Y-TZP) is a ceramic of special interest because of its superior mechanical(More)
Definition of individual bite force (BF) has been widely used in dentistry domain. In this study, a vivo sensory setup is introduced to simulate and analyze dental implant stress, in order to check out implant quality. Two different proposed sensors are introduced. First is a simple mechanical sensor for hard BF measurements. The second is a kind of new(More)
In the present investigation, positions of head landmarks in panoramic x-ray images in relation to cephalometric landmarks were studied. Special landmarks in right and left sides of mandible were manually identified and calibrated with reference readings. The measured landmarks are compared for both sides with different panoramic duration times. Results(More)
Natural systems studies inspire researchers to develop new algorithmic models to solve complex real-world problems to which traditional approaches. In dentistry the Root Canal Treatment (RCT) is one of the complex problems, where various types of file systems are used for canal cleaning and shaping purpose during RCT, as the canal anatomy is complex, it is(More)
The most dominant form of dementia, memory loss, is Alzheimer's disease (AD). Imaging is important for monitoring, diagnosis, and education of Alzheimer's disease prediction. Automated classification of subjects could provide support for clinicians. This study examined two classification methods to separate among elderly persons with normal cognitive (NC),(More)
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