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Asthma is a disorder characterized by chronic airway inflammation, airway hypersensitivity to a variety of stimuli, and airway obstruction that is at least partially or even completely reversible. To make correct diagnosis of asthma, diagnosis must be based on typical symptoms of asthma and identification of airway hyper responsiveness (AHR) or variable(More)
AIMS Metformin is the most widely used oral anti-diabetes agent and has considerable benefits over other therapies, yet 20-30% of people develop gastrointestinal side effects, and 5% are unable to tolerate metformin due to the severity of these side effects. The mechanism for gastrointestinal side effects and their considerable inter-individual variability(More)
Contemporary inhabitants of the Balkan Peninsula belong to several ethnic groups of diverse cultural background. In this study, three ethnic groups from Bosnia and Herzegovina - Bosniacs, Bosnian Croats and Bosnian Serbs - as well as the populations of Serbians, Croatians, Macedonians from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegrins and Kosovars(More)
INTRODUCTION The enzyme 11beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase type 1 (11beta-HSD1) catalyzes the conversion of the hormonally inactive cortisone to active cortisol, thus facilitating glucocorticoid receptor activation in target tissues. Increased expression of 11beta-HSD1 in adipose tissue has been associated with obesity and insulin resistance. In this(More)
INTRODUCTION Because of increasing prevalence of T2MD worldwide, it's very important to recognize risk factors for diabetic complications, as soon as possible. Symptoms of complications appear a few or many years after tissue damage. So, it's imperative to establish surveillance of diabetics with laboratory and other diagnostic procedures for early(More)
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