Tamer Abdin

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE The epidemiologic data regarding stone composition in Israel are based on anachronistic methods of stone analysis. Historically, Israel was noted for an unusually high percentage of uric acid stones. The aim of the study was to describe the current stone composition distribution in Israel, using modern techniques of urinary stone(More)
Urinary calculi have been recognized as one of the most painful medical disorders. Tenable knowledge of the phase composition of the stones is very important to elucidate an underlying etiology of the stone disease. We report here the results of quantitative X-ray diffraction phase analysis performed on 278 kidney stones from the 275 patients treated at the(More)
Lipid phosphate, which is a measure of viable biomass, was determined using biofilm samples from three different laboratory-scale reactors. The analysis procedure proposed in the literature was modified and tested for suitability in experiments with biofilm reactors. The microbial contents of the biofilms studied are compared in three types of reactor.
AIM To report on a simple and rapid method of urinary diversion. This method was applied successfully in different clinical scenarios when primary reconstruction of the ureters was not possible. MATERIALS AND METHODS The disconnected ureter is catheterized by a feeding tube. The tube is secured with sutures and brought out to the lateral abdominal wall as(More)
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