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The area of Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) have attracted many researchers lately. The applications of WSNs have been widely spread in different fields including battle and health monitoring fields. In addition, smart environment became one of the important applications of the WSNs. However, the current simulators are still limited to cover all of the(More)
An 8.0 GHz to 12.2 GHz PLL with a capacitor multiplier-based active loop filter is designed in a 28 nm digital CMOS process. A passive loop filter-based version of the PLL is also implemented for comparison. While the PLL area is comparable to that of digital PLLs, the PLL performance is as good as that of an analog PLL that employs a passive loop filter.(More)
This With the advances of hardware technology, WSNs have been utilized in many critical application. Some of these applications are battle field monitoring, health care monitoring, structure health monitoring, and many other applications. However, there are some other applications that require Three Dimension (3D) deployment such as smart home, smart(More)