Tameka S Lawler

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OBJECTIVE Oral tobacco products contain nicotine and carcinogenic tobacco-specific N-nitrosamines (TSNAs) that can be absorbed through the oral mucosa. The aim of this study was to determine typical pH ranges and concentrations of total nicotine, unionised nicotine (the most readily absorbed form) and five TSNAs in selected oral tobacco products distributed(More)
OBJECTIVE To provide researchers an extensive characterization of the SPECTRUM variable nicotine research cigarettes. METHODS Data on cigarette physical properties, nicotine content, harmful and potentially harmful constituents in the tobacco filler was compiled. RESULTS Data on physical properties, concentrations of menthol, nicotine and minor(More)
In the United States, moist snuff has been studied more widely than other distinct categories of oral tobacco. In this study, we measured pH, moisture, nicotine (total and unprotonated), and tobacco-specific N-nitrosamines (TSNAs) for other established (twist, loose leaf, plug, and dry snuff without pouch) and emerging oral tobacco products (dry snuff(More)
Rapé, a diverse group of smokeless tobacco products indigenous to South America, is generally used as a nasal snuff and contains substantial amount of plant material with or without tobacco. Previously uncharacterized, rapé contains addictive and harmful chemicals that may have public health implications for users. Here we report % moisture, pH, and the(More)
OBJECTIVE We examined differences between nicotine concentrations and pH in cigarette and cigar tobacco filler. METHODS Nicotine and pH levels for 50 cigarette and 75 cigar brands were measured. Non-mentholated and mentholated cigarette products were included in the analysis along with several cigar types as identified by the manufacturer: large cigars,(More)
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