Tamaz Kandelaki

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It is proved that algebraic and topological K-functors are isomorphic on the category of stable generalized operator algebras which are Ki-regular for all i > 0. In 1979 Karoubi conjectured the isomorphism of algebraic and topological Kfunctors on the category of stable C-algebras [Ka]. This conjecture was confirmed by Higson for Karoubi-Villamayor(More)
A universal C∗-algebra is constructed which is generated by a partial isometry. Using grading on this algebra we construct an analog of Cuntz algebras which gives a homotopical interpretation of KK-groups. It is proved that this algebra is homotopy equivalent up to stabilization by 2×2 matrices to M2(C). Therefore those algebras are KK-isomorphic. We recall(More)
We develop a finite KK-theory of C∗-algebras following ArlettazH.Inassaridze’s approach to finite algebraic K-theory [1] . The BrowderKaroubi-Lambre’s theorem on the orders of the elements for finite algebraic K-theory [ , ] is extended to finite KK-theory. A new bivariant theory, called torsion KK-theory is defined as the direct limit of finite(More)
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