Tamas Fekete

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The value of ultrasound examinations depends heavily on the preparation of the personnel carrying out the examination and the technical capabilities of the equipment they use. Only well-organized regional or national programs are able to provide high level, cost-effective care based on certification of quality. Such certification must include the training(More)
UNLABELLED For women who desire pregnancy or who wish to retain their uterus, myomectomy is the standard approach for the treatment of fibroids. Abdominal myomectomy seems to be the best choice when there are large subserosal or intramural fibroids (> 5-7 cm), or submucosal fibroids > 3 cm or when multiple fibroids (> 3) are to be removed. When submucosal(More)
A serologic and epidemiologic survey was undertaken to explain the high incidence of eosinophilia (14.1%) in nine of 64 residents of a facility for mentally retarded adults in Pennsylvania. Seven residents had antibodies to Strongyloides stercoralis as determined by an IgG enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay system (10.9%) and five (71.4%) of this subset had(More)
Plasma lipoprotein fractions have been assessed in 29 patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), and compared with non-COPD subjects. Triglycerides were significantly lower in COPD females only, the other parameters being almost identical. Thus, the atherosclerosis index of plasma lipoproteins in COPD did not differ almost at all from that(More)
The exact role of serum pseudocholinesterase (PSCE) is not known. Its main role probably consists in the degradation of butyril-choline, an intermediate of lipid metabolism. Decreased values have been described in liver cirrhosis as an index of diminished proteosynthetic function. An increased activity of this enzyme was reported in obesity, diabetes(More)
The variations of dilute blood clot lysis time (DBCLT) in 103 diabetic patients were investigated in terms of insulin dependency, body weight, serum lipids and presence of diabetic vascular diseases. The results showed that DBCLT was significantly longer in the 34 overweight diabetic patients (437 +/- 68 min) than in the 69 diabetics at or below the ideal(More)
Correlation coefficients between glycosylated haemoglobin, mean fasting glycaemia, and reticulocyte count have been assessed in 61 diabetic patients. When excluding those with overt anaemia and with serum iron below 12.5 mumol/l, the correlations became significant. Thus, reticulocyte count may be a useful indicator of glycaemic control (paralleling(More)
Nowadays, general purpose personal computers often contain a separated GPU card. The card can be used to extend the computing power of the CPU. This possibility is getting bigger and bigger focus in several areas such as bioinformatics or audio signal processing. Our goal is to build a heterogeneous GPU-CPU based framework which can search for user defined(More)