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SUMMARY Combo is a comparative genome browser that provides a dynamic view of whole genome alignments along with their associated annotations. Combo provides two different visualization perspectives. The perpendicular (dot plot) view provides a dot plot of genome alignments synchronized with a display of genome annotations along each axis. The parallel view(More)
The Visualization for Cyber Security research community (VizSec) addresses longstanding challenges in cyber security by adapting and evaluating information visualization techniques with application to the cyber security domain. This research effort has created many tools and techniques that could be applied to improve cyber security, yet the community has(More)
Open-source, BigTable-like distributed databases provide a scalable storage solution for data-intensive applications. The simple key-value storage schema provides fast record ingest and retrieval, nearly independent of the quantity of data stored. However, real applications must support non-trivial queries that require careful key design and value indexing.(More)
Previous experiments have shown that epithelial cells in the renal medulla produce endothelin-1 (ET-1) and possess ETB receptors. It has been suggested that medullary ET-1 may affect water and sodium absorption along the collecting ducts in an autocrine fashion. To study possible mechanisms responsible for the regulation of medullary ET-1 production,(More)
Mass transport phenomena occurring in the biofilms of gas phase trickle-bed biofilters are investigated in this study. The effect of biofilm structure on mass transfer mechanisms is examined using experimental observation from the operating of biofilters, microelectrode techniques and microscopic examination. Since the biofilms of biofilters used for waste(More)
Recent studies in aerobic-nitrifying biofilms demonstrated the heterogeneity of biofilms used in wastewater treatment and led to modifications of the homogeneous assumptions in the conventional biofilm kinetic models. However, the stratification in aerobic-anaerobic biofilms has not been well investigated because of a lack of effective experimental tools.(More)
In this study, we measured oxygen concentration in biofilms in one dimension in field conditions and in three dimensions in laboratory conditions by using a robust oxygen microsensor in combination with an automation and data acquisition system. The biofilms were on the discs of rotating biological contactors treating domestic wastewater. The results of(More)
BACKGROUND The melanoma antigen (MAGE) 3 gene may be a useful tumor specific marker since it is expressed in a variety of cancers. MATERIALS & METHOD The expression and intracellular location of MAGE 3 gene product were investigated in 40 squamous cell carcinomas, 2 tumor lines, 20 benign diseases, and 20 normal tissues of the head and neck.(More)
Geographical displays are commonly used for visualizing wide-spread malicious behavior of Internet hosts. Placing dots on a world map or coloring regions by the magnitude of activity often results in cluttered maps that invariably emphasize population-dense metropolitan areas in developed countries where Internet connectivity is highest. To uncover atypical(More)
A new potentiometric sensor electrode for sulfide based on conducting polymer films is introduced. The electrode is formed by electrochemically depositing a film of poly(3-methylthiophene) and poly(dibenzo-18-crown-6) onto an alloy substrate. Different methods were used for the electrode preparations. The alloy used has a low melting point, which allowed(More)