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The introduction of cyclosporine revolutionized the practice of immunosuppression for solid organ transplant recipients, and has resulted in a significant increase in survival. While CNI use has been the mainstay of immunosuppressive therapy in pediatric heart transplantation, CNIs have been associated with an increased risk of nephropathy leading to(More)
BACKGROUND Cardiac re-transplantation (re-Tx) among pediatric recipients remains controversial. The purpose of this study is to use the Pediatric Heart Transplant Study (PHTS) database to investigate the incidence of re-Tx and analyze the risk factors and outcomes after transplantation among children. METHODS The PHTS database was reviewed for all(More)
BACKGROUND Pediatric heart transplantation has now been successfully performed for more than 20 years. As survival rates have improved, more attention is now focused on long-term outcomes. METHODS This report reviews the literature on developmental outcomes after pediatric heart transplantation. RESULTS Pediatric patients undergoing heart(More)
Laser exposure of the pulmonary parenchyma during treatment of emphysema and other clinical indications causes acute lung injury. Animal investigations are needed to understand and control laser-induced lung injury. We hypothesized that lung injury is deeper from Nd:YAG laser exposures than CO2 exposures because of deeper penetration of Nd:YAG wavelength(More)
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are now one of the most common causes of acute renal failure (ARF). To define more clearly the magnitude of the problem, we reviewed all cases of ARF in the Reno (Nev) area from 1972 through 1986. Twenty-seven cases of ARF and seven cases of glomerulopathy were identified, primarily during the last 5 years of the study(More)
OBJECTIVE Numerous disasters confirm the need for critical event training in healthcare professions. However, no single discipline works in isolation and interprofessional learning is recognized as a necessary component. An interprofessional faculty group designed a learning curriculum crossing professional schools. DESIGN Faculty members from four(More)
Young adult solid organ transplant recipients who transfer from pediatric to adult care experience poor outcomes related to decreased adherence to the medical regimen. Our pilot trial for young adults who had heart transplant (HT) who transfer to adult care tests an intervention focused on increasing HT knowledge, self-management and self-advocacy skills,(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Laser techniques have recently been described for treatment of patients with emphysema and bullous lung disease. Laser exposure of the pulmonary parenchyma during these procedures is complicated by laser-induced lung injury with substantial associated morbidity. Animal investigations are needed to develop methods that reduce lung(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Thoracoscopic laser techniques have been described for treatment of pulmonary bullae. Clinical application of this procedure has proliferated despite limited data regarding efficacy or optimal techniques. The objective of this study was to develop an animal model for investigating laser treatment of bullous lung disease. STUDY(More)
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