Tamara Roberson

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The authors conducted a long-term clinical study of 50 CEREC (Siemens AG) CAD-CAM inlay restorations in 28 patients. After four years, they found the inlays to rate very highly in color matching, interfacial staining, secondary caries, anatomic contour, marginal adaptation, surface texture and postoperative sensitivity. They monitored cement loss along the(More)
The effect of acute hyperglycemia per se on coronary perfusion in humans is undefined. We evaluated the effects of short-term hyperglycemia on myocardial blood flow reserve (MBFR) in healthy nondiabetic volunteers. Twenty-one nondiabetic volunteers (76 % females, mean ± SD, age 48 ± 5 years) had noninvasive MBFR assessment while exposed to pancreatic clamp(More)
Despite significant improvements in the wear resistance of posterior composite restorations, they still undergo occlusal wear, color change, and surface staining with time. One method of repairing these restorations is re-surfacing the old composite. This study investigated the bonding of new composite to the corresponding old composite material by several(More)
OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the performance of a filled (OptiBond Solo) and an unfilled (Prime & Bond 2.1) "one-bottle" adhesive in Class V restorations after 18 months of clinical service. METHODS Thirty-three patients with non-carious cervical lesions were enrolled in the study. A total of 101 lesions were restored using one of(More)
A study was conducted to determine whether the wear resistance of a posterior composite could be improved by maximizing filler particle-to-particle contacts. This was expected to reduce stress concentrations on the resin matrix and thus reduce occlusal wear. A self-curing quartz-filled composite with this design, P-10, was used to restore 90 Class I and II(More)
Placing crowns to prevent tooth fracture is thought to be a common but infrequently documented treatment procedure. Two studies are described that provide information about dentists' use of crowns to prevent tooth fracture. North Carolina general dentists indicated that 44% of the crowns they placed were for the principal reason of fracture prevention.(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the effects of powder/liquid (P/L) ratio and surface wetness on retention of adhesive Class V restorations. METHODS One-hundred and six Fuji II LC restorations were placed at two clinical trial sites. In the 'high-dry group (Site A), Fuji II LC was mixed at a P/L ratio of 3.0 and applied to dentine that was visibly dry, but not(More)
Increased CO2 release from soils resulting from agricultural practices such as tillage has generated concerns about contributions to global warming. Maintaining current levels of soil C and/or sequestering additional C in soils are important mechanisms to reduce CO2 in the atmosphere through production agriculture. We conducted a study in northern Alabama(More)