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PURPOSE To report on an exceptional case of spontaneous, idiopathic, unilateral adrenal gland rupture that caused massive retroperitoneal hemorrhage. METHODS AND RESULTS US and CT were performed in a patient who presented with acute abdominal pain. Urgent adrenalectomy was required to prevent the blood loss from continuing. The CT findings were correlated(More)
The rate of ethanol metabolism (EMR) was determined in alcoholic patients with or without hepatic necrosis, steatosis, and/or cirrhosis. Fifty six cases were studied after 9–25 days of abstinence (mean 15 days). A significant increase in EMR (P<0.01) was found in alcoholics with hepatic necrosis (265±20.5 mg/kg/hr) compared with alcoholics with normal liver(More)
OBJECTIVE To report on 10 additional cases of intrascrotal calculi and briefly review the literature and pathogenesis of this benign lesion. METHODS 10 patients that had consulted for diverse testicular conditions were evaluated by ultrasound using the 7.5 MHz probe. RESULTS All patients were found to have a hydrocele of a larger or smaller volume with(More)
Since beta-blockers could affect lipid levels at the therapeutic dose range in hypertensive patients, a parallel 6-month randomized trial with pindolol (PDL) (16 pts.) and propranolol (PPL) (23 pts.) was designed (mean age=55+7.1 years and 57+8.0 years; 9 males, 7 females and 15 males, 8 females, respectively). Total cholesterol, LDL and HDL fractions, and(More)
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