Tamara Osborn

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A prospective study that evaluated the surgical and postsurgical problems of 9,574 patients of a wide range of ages who had had 16,127 third molars removed was performed. It was concluded that removal of mandibular third molar teeth during the teenage years resulted in decreased operative and postoperative morbidity.
The tissue responses of a rabbit tibia to superpulse laser osteotomy, continuous-wave laser osteotomy, and bur osteotomy were compared. Healing of the bone occurred after use of all three modalities, but there was a delay in healing after laser osteotomy when compared with bur osteotomy. Laser osteotomy is feasible, but improvements will be needed to make(More)
INTRODUCTION Portal vein thrombosis (PVT) poses an extremely difficult problem in cirrhotic patients who are in need of a liver transplant. The prevalence of PVT in patients with cirrhosis ranges from 0.6% to 26% Nery et al. (2015) [1]. The presence of PVT is associated with more technically difficult liver transplant and in certain cases can be a(More)
Spontaneous herniation of the condylar head into the external auditory canal (EAC) through the foramen of Huschke is extremely rare, with approximately 30 cases reported in the international literature. The typical presentation is a constellation of non-specific symptoms including otalgia, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) pain, malocclusion, otorrhea, tinnitus(More)
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