Tamara Lourdes Parapugna

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Nowadays it is well established that photochemically induced electron transfer (ET) through DNA in solution is limited to relatively short distances. In most experimental studies, photochemically induced ET was observed over less than 10 base pairs (bp; 3.4 nm), and, because ET is dependent on the base sequence, at shorter distances (under 5 base pairs) ET(More)
The main goal of the present work was to clarify physiological strategies in plants whose chloroplasts were developed under different light environments. The specific objective was to elucidate the influence of the spectral distribution of light on the chlorophyll fluorescence ratio and on photosynthetic parameters. To achieve this purpose, three species of(More)
Yerba mate (YM) is massively produced and consumed as an infusion in South America and is gaining popularity all over the world. This product is obtained from the dried leaves of Ilex paraguariensis Saint Hilaire, mixed with fragments of its dried branches. For its commercialization YM must have a minimum percentage of leaves according to a standard(More)
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