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OBJECTIVES To describe a longitudinal community cohort study, Intelligent Systems for Assessing Aging Changes, that has deployed an unobtrusive home-based assessment platform in many seniors homes in the existing community. METHODS Several types of sensors have been installed in the homes of 265 elderly persons for an average of 33 months. Metrics(More)
OBJECTIVE To test the hypothesis that the larger somal size of layer III magnopyramidal neurons in left than in right Brodmann area 45 is associated with greater measures of dendritic arborization in the left hemisphere neurons. DESIGN A case series involving postmortem human brain specimens was used to compare dendritic parameters of Golgi-impregnated(More)
Subpopulations of pyramidal neurons in the neocortex have been shown to contain nonphosphorylated neurofilament protein (NPNFP) and calbindin D28K (Morrison et al., 1987; Campbell and Morrison, 1989; Hof et al., 1990; Kobayashi et al., 1990; Hof and Morrison, 1991; Mesulam and Geula, 1991). However, it is not known what relations, if any, exist between the(More)
The lateralization of motor speech function to the left hemisphere is supported by multiple lines of evidence, but relatively little is known about the anatomical basis of that specialization. In a preliminary study, we recently reported that area 45 of the left hemisphere (Broca's area) contained a subpopulation of magnopyramidal neurons which were(More)
OBJECTIVE This was a cross-sectional study of the ability of independently living healthy elders to follow a medication regimen. Participants were divided into a group with High Cognitive Function (HCF) or Low Cognitive Function (LCF) based on their scores on the ADAS-Cog. METHOD Thirty-eight participants aged 65 or older and living independently in the(More)
BACKGROUND Timely detection of early cognitive impairment is difficult. Measures taken in the clinic reflect a single snapshot of performance that might be confounded by the increased variability typical in aging and disease. We evaluated the use of continuous, long-term, and unobtrusive in-home monitoring to assess neurologic function in healthy and(More)
Comparative analyses were made of the immunohistochemical and biochemical distributions of three prosomatostatin-derived peptides (PSDP) in human, perfused monkey, and unperfused monkey neocortex. The PSDP we examined were the tetradecapeptide somatostatin 14 (SS14); the N-terminal extension of this peptide, somatostatin 28 (SS28); and somatostatin 28(1-12)(More)
Gait velocity has been shown to quantitatively estimate risk of future hospitalization, a predictor of disability, and has been shown to slow prior to cognitive decline. In this paper, we describe a system for continuous and unobtrusive in-home assessment of gait velocity, a critical metric of function. This system is based on estimating walking speed from(More)
BACKGROUND Mild disturbances of higher order activities of daily living are present in people diagnosed with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). These deficits may be difficult to detect among those still living independently. Unobtrusive continuous assessment of a complex activity such as home computer use may detect mild functional changes and identify MCI.(More)
OBJECTIVE The major objective of this study was to determine if the lateralization of motor speech functions may be associated with hemispheric differences in the size of layer III pyramidal neurons in Brodmann's area 45. DESIGN A case series design involving postmortem human specimens was used to compare the cross-sectional area of NissI-stained layer(More)