Tamara L. Anderson

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CONTEXT The current data analysis tools in nuclear medicine have not been used to evaluate intra organ regional deposition patterns of pharmaceutical aerosols in preclinical species. OBJECTIVE This study evaluates aerosol deposition patterns as a function of particle size in rats and mice using novel image analysis techniques. MATERIALS AND METHOD Mice(More)
Columbia root-knot nematode,Meloidogyne chitwoodi, is a major pest of potato in the Pacific Northwest of the USA and is controlled by costly soil fumigation. Potato breeding lines have been developed with resistance to the predominant race 1 (CRKN-1) ofM. chitwoodi. Hairy nightshade,Solanum sarrachoides, is a common weed in potato production in the western(More)
The present study characterized the single-dose pharmacokinetics of daptomycin dosed as 4 mg/kg of total body weight (TBW) in seven morbidly obese and seven age-, sex-, race-, and serum creatinine-matched healthy subjects. The glomerular filtration rate (GFR) was measured for both groups following a single bolus injection of [(125)I]sodium iothalamate.(More)
PURPOSE The somatostatin analogue [DOTA0, Tyr3]octreotide (DOTATOC) has previously been labeled with low linear energy transfer (LET) beta-emitters, such as 177Lu or 90Y, for tumor therapy. In this study, DOTATOC labeled with the high-LET alpha-emitter, 213Bi, was evaluated. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN The radiolabeling, stability, biodistribution, toxicity,(More)
INTRODUCTION Advance clinical cancer therapy studies of patients treated with somatostatin receptor (sstr)-targeted [DOTA(0)-Tyr(3)]octreotide (DOTATOC) labeled with low-linear-energy-transfer (LET) beta(-)-emitters have shown overall response rates in the range of 15-33%. In order to improve outcomes, we sought to compare the therapeutic effectiveness of(More)
Corky ringspot disease (CRS) of potato is caused by tobacco rattle virus (TRV). The virus is transmitted by the stubby root nematode (Paratrichodorus allius) in the Pacific Northwest potato-producing regions. Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) and Scotch spearmint (Mentha cardiaca Baker) rarely serve as hosts for TRV. Therefore,P. allius reared on these plants(More)
Nuclear imaging serves as an important tool for the visualization and analysis of nebulized radiolabeled particle deposition in the lung, enabling assessment of both nebulizer properties and lung function. To date, most research in this field has been focused on mathematical modeling from empirical data. This work examines the use of high-resolution 3D(More)
OBJECTIVE Measurement of cardiac perfusion via agents such as 99mTc-sestamibi (Cardiolite; DuPont-Merck Pharmaceutical Co., Inc.) is widely used in clinical nuclear medicine for the diagnosis of coronary artery disease. The monograph for 99mTc-sestamibi recommends at least 90% radiochemical purity (RCP) for clinical use. Various factors may influence the(More)
Most research on religion and the body has focused on the relationship between broad dimensions of religion, such as religious commitment or religious orientation, and body image or eating behaviors. The present study extends existing research by examining two specific religiously influenced beliefs about the body within a Protestant Christian sample,(More)
Air pollution is implicated in neurodegenerative disease risk and progression and in microglial activation, but the mechanisms are unknown. In this study, microglia remained activated 24 h after ozone (O3) exposure in rats, suggesting a persistent signal from lung to brain. Ex vivo analysis of serum from O3-treated rats revealed an augmented microglial(More)