Tamara Kujawska

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Transient solution of the thermal conductivity equation for the three-dimensional case of the Gaussian ultrasonic focused beam was derived and applied for cases relevant to medical ultrasonography. Quantitative results for the case of a homogeneous medium with constant values of thermal coefficients and constant absorption as well as for the two-layer(More)
The effect of nonlinear propagation in fluid followed by soft tissue was studied both theoretically and experimentally for a most crucial case in obstetrical ultrasonography. For this purpose, short pressure pulses, with the duration time of 1.3 micros and a carrier frequency of 3 MHz, radiated by a concave transducer into water, with maximum intensities up(More)
An electromagnetic hydrophone has been designed and tested to determine its ability to measure shock wave pulses similar to those produced by lithotripter machines. The principle of operation of the hydrophone, its design and performance are described. The hydrophone was exposed to 4000 shots and peak compressional pressures on the order of 30 MPa without(More)
In order to have consistent and repeatable effects of sonodynamic therapy (SDT) on various cancer cells or tissue lesions we should be able to control a delivered ultrasound energy and thermal effects induced. The objective of this study was to investigate viability of rat C6 glioma cells in vitro depending on the intensity of ultrasound in the region of(More)
A novel, free from paraxial approximation and computationally efficient numerical algorithm capable of predicting 4D acoustic fields in lossy and nonlinear media from arbitrary shaped sources (relevant to probes used in medical ultrasonic imaging and therapeutic systems) is described. The new WE (wave envelopes) approach to nonlinear propagation modeling is(More)
Imaging of living cells or tissues at a microscopic resolution, where GHz frequencies are used, provides a foundation for many new biological applications. The possible temperature increase causing a destructive influence on the living cells should be then avoided. However, there is no information on possible local temperature increases at these very high(More)
This work addresses the difficulties in the measurements of the nonlinear medium parameter B/A and presents a modification of the finite amplitude method (FAM), one of the accepted procedures to determine this parameter. The modification is based on iterative, hybrid approach and entails the use of the versatile and comprehensive model to predict distortion(More)
Acoustical pressure distribution behind a steel sphere 5 mm in diameter was measured in water for an incident plane wave with a 2.4-MHz frequency (ka=8pi). Measurements were carried out for continuous and pulse waves at various distance behind the sphere by means of a PVDF membrane hydrophone. The shadow range determined by measurements behind the steel(More)
The primary goal of this work was to verify experimentally the applicability of the recently introduced time-averaged wave envelope (TAWE) method [J. Wójcik, A. Nowicki, P.A. Lewin, P.E. Bloomfield, T. Kujawska, L. Filipczyński, Wave envelopes method for description of nonlinear acoustic wave propagation, Ultrasonics 44 (2006) 310-329.] as a tool for fast(More)
A tissue thermal conductivity (Ks) is an important parameter which knowledge is essential whenever thermal fields induced in selected organs are predicted. The main objective of this study was to develop an alternative ultrasonic method for determining Ks of tissues in vitro suitable for living tissues. First, the method involves measuring of(More)