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Features of porphyrin compounds in Cambrian oil shales from Yakutiya, Siberia
Abstract Vanadyl porphyrins were isolated from Yakutiya oil shale bitumens and also from kerogen and bitumen pyrolysates. They were analysed by mass spectrometry, HPLC and 1H NMR. The oil shalesExpand
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Features of the molecular composition of metalloporphyrins of crude oils of the Volga-Urals oil- and gas-bearing province
An investigation has been made of the content and molecular composition of porphyrins of crude oils of Carboniferous and Devonian deposits in different areas of the Volga-Urals oil- and gas-bearingExpand
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Composition of vanadylporphyrins of crude oils from several Surgut petroleum fractions of west Siberia
Abstract The quantitative distribution and molecular composition of vanadylporphyrins in the crude oils from the Surgut petroleum deposits of West Siberia were examined. The highest concentration ofExpand
Highly effective liquid chromatography of petroleum vanadylporphyrins
Summary 1. Petroleum vanadylporphyrins were separated by highly effective liquid chromatography in a column with an inverted phase. The retention time of petroleum porphyrin homologues wasExpand
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Study of PMR spectra of C30, C31 and C32 homologues of petroleum porphyrins
1. 1. Four individual porphyrin compounds were isolated from West Surgunt crude oil. 2. 2. The porphyrins identified by PMR-spectrometry were:Expand
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Study of PMR spectra of C/sub 30/, C/sub 31/ and C/sub 32/ homologues of petroleum porphyrins
Studies with petroleum porphyrins are not straight forward since it is difficult to isolate the individual porphyrins due to the complexity of the mixture and their low content in crude oil. TheExpand
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Composition of vanadylporphyrins obtained from West Surgut petroleum
Summary o 1. Mass-spectrometry, electron and PMR spectroscopy were used to examine the composition of individual chromatographic petroleum fractions of vanadylporphyrins from West Surgut petroleum.Expand