Tamara Gulyaeva

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The ionospheric slab thickness τ defined as a ratio of the total electron content (TEC) to the F-region peak electron density (NmF2) has been analysed during the solar maximum (1981) and minimum (1985) phases of an intense, the 21st, solar cycle. Hourly values of TEC and NmF2 collected at Hawaii (low-latitude), Boulder (mid-latitude) and Goosebay(More)
Ionosphere plays an important role in High Frequency (HF) communications. In this paper, Global Ionospheric Maps (GIM) of Total Electron Content (TEC), maximum ionization height (hmF2) and critical frequency (foF2) of F2-layer are presented. These maps are obtained from the Nonlinear Least Squares (NLSQ) optimization of the International Reference(More)
In this study, the effects of height of the ionospheric thin shell, neighboring stations and satellite positions on the ionospheric pierce points are investigated by using the data obtained from TNPGN-Active GPS TRIMBLE receivers in Turkey and North Cyprus. For this purpose, Total Electron Content (TEC) value along the path between receiver and satellite,(More)
GPS systems can give a good approximation of the Slant Total Electron Content in a cylindrical path between the GPS satellite and the receiver. International Reference Ionosphere extended to Plasmasphere (IRI-Plas) model can also give an estimation of the vertical electron density profile in the ionosphere for any given location and time, in the altitude(More)
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