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The immunological response in HTLV-1 infected individuals is characterized by a prominent Type-1 cytokine response with high production of IFN-gamma and TNF-alpha. In contrast, helminthic infections and in particular chronic schistosomiasis are associated with a predominant production of IL-4, IL-5, IL-10 and IL-13. Liver fibrosis is the main pathological(More)
We evaluated the impact of standard cryopreservation on functional properties of human aortic homografts. From seven human donors, the thoracic descending aorta was obtained. Effects of cryopreservation on contractibility and endothelium function were tested. After cryopreservation no endothelium-dependent or endothelium-independent relaxation was found and(More)
An established method for cryopreservation that might preserve the vascular and endothelial responses of human femoral arteries (HFAs) to be transplanted as allografts was studied. HFAs were harvested from multiorgan donors and stored at 4 °C in saline solution before cryostorage. Thirty HFA rings were isolated and randomly assigned to one control group of(More)
The effects of prolonged exposure to phyto-oestrogens (coumestrol) on the morphology of the reproductive organs of ewes were studied in 28 lucerne-grazing animals, and compared with 28 control ewes given a standard coumestrol-free diet. The anatomical studies showed that 43% of the ewes fed lucerne displayed macroscopic changes within the genital tract, of(More)
Confusing results have been reported regarding the influence of nutritional status on myostatin levels. Some studies indicate that short-term fasting results in increased myostatin mRNA levels in skeletal muscle, evident in several species. In contrast, other studies have demonstrated either a decrease or no change in myostatin levels during fasting. In the(More)
It is known that nitrates, nitrites and dimethylamine may react in the gastro-intestinal tract synthesizing the powerful hepatotoxic and carcinogenic dimethylnitrosamine. The purpose of this study was to investigate hepatotoxicity due to the daily intake of nitrates and nitrites administered to rats during 14 weeks together with dimethylamine in drinking(More)
Several in vitro studies have demonstrated diminished post-thaw functional activity. Therefore, the aim of this study was to investigate the consequences of thawing and storage method used on the post-thaw functional activity of cryopreserved pig aortas with the aim of adjusting the freezing and thawing protocol so that the vascular segments are preserved(More)
BACKGROUND Invasive Candida spp. infections have been described more frequently. AIM To characterize the epidemiological data of candidemia in recent years. METHODS A retrospective study of adult patients in a University Hospital in Santiago, Chile, with 1 or more documented episodes of candidemia, from January 2000 to December 2013. RESULTS One(More)
Introduction: Short-term studies (3-6 weeks) in humans have suggested that high-dose benfotiamine (up to 600mg/ day) can improve symptomatic scores in diabetic polyneuropathy. To assess the efficacy of long-term supplementation, we have carried out a 24-month, randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study to evaluate whether 300mg/day benfotiamine(More)
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