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The design and performance characteristics of a thermostated multicell spinning drop interfacial tensiometer are described. The instrument features simple and reliable commercial components, +/-1 degrees C thermostating, reduced operational vibration, cells designed to reduce problems associated with gyrostatic equilibrium, and the capability to measure(More)
The undergraduate medical curriculum does not include supervised training in emergency services. Medical students and residents are expected to acquire skills and experience related to emergency medicine during their clerkships in the clinical wards. Consequently, Israeli medical graduates often have difficulty in coping with common situations in primary(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this randomized cross-over study was the comparison between a sequential 28-day hormone replacement therapy (HRT) using micronized estradiol and a cyclic 21-day HRT using estradiol valerate with regard to the pharmacokinetics of estradiol. - MATERIAL AND METHODS Fifty postmenopausal women were randomly assigned to be treated either(More)