Tamara Durec

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BACKGROUND Croup is a common childhood illness characterized by barky cough, stridor, hoarseness and respiratory distress. Children with severe croup are at risk for intubation. Nebulized epinephrine (NE) may prevent intubation. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the efficacy and safety of NE in children presenting to emergency department (ED) or admitted to hospital(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the effectiveness of diabetes education on metabolic control, diabetes-related hospitalizations, complications, and knowledge, quality of life and other psychosocial outcomes for children with type 1 diabetes and their families. DATA SOURCES A systematic and comprehensive literature review was conducted in 21 electronic databases(More)
BACKGROUND Methamphetamine (MA) is a potent stimulant that is readily available. Its effects are similar to cocaine, but the drug has a profile associated with increased acute and chronic toxicities. The objective of this systematic review was to identify and synthesize literature on risk factors that are associated with MA use among youth.More than 40(More)
Although there has been a large number of trials on pharmacist care, often demonstrating clinically significant benefits, the trials generally have not changed practice or healthcare policy. What is needed are focused evidence syntheses, such as a systematic review. A systematic review is defined as a summary that addresses a focused clinical question,(More)
BACKGROUND In developing countries, pneumonia is one of the leading causes of death in children under five years of age and hence timely and accurate diagnosis is critical. In North America, pneumonia is also a common source of childhood morbidity and occasionally mortality. Clinicians traditionally have used the chest radiograph as the gold standard in the(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effect of pharmacist care on patients with dyslipidemia. DESIGN Systematic review of 21 randomized controlled trials. PATIENTS A total of 5416 patients who received enhanced pharmacist care or standard care as part of a research study. MEASUREMENTS AND MAIN RESULTS Nineteen databases and four trial registries were(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous medications are available for the acute treatment of migraine in adults, and some have now been approved for use in children and adolescents in the ambulatory setting. A systematic review of acute treatment of migraine medication trials in children and adolescents will help clinicians make evidence-informed management choices. (More)
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