Tamara C. Richards

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OBJECTIVES To obtain information about pharmacists' current involvement in and willingness to provide immunization services, and to assess perceived barriers to providing immunization services. DESIGN Cross-sectional mail survey. SETTING National. PATIENTS OR OTHER PARTICIPANTS Random sample of 5,342 pharmacists from chain, independent, mass(More)
Keywords: Internet dating Gender differences Mate preferences Initiation of personal relationships a b s t r a c t This study explored online personal ads of 294 heterosexual and homosexual men and women in the United States through a qualitative analysis and comparison of participant-generated ''personal " and ''pre-ferred partner " narratives. Nine(More)
Pharmacies have been recommended as alternative sites for the delivery of immunization services, especially to medically underserved adults and children in inner cities and rural areas. Currently, 35 of 50 states in the USA have legalized the administration of vaccines by pharmacists on the basis of certain training requirements and specific protocols.(More)
Radon is considered to be the main source of human exposure to natural radiation. As stated by the World Health Organization, the exposure due to the inhalation of indoor radon is much greater than the one via the ingestion of water as radon degasses from water during handling. In response to these concerns about the universal presence of radon,(More)