Tamar V. Loach

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In many complex networks the vertices are ordered in time, and edges represent causal connections. We propose methods of analysing such directed acyclic graphs taking into account the constraints of causality and highlighting the causal structure. We illustrate our approach using citation networks formed from academic papers, patents, and US Supreme Court(More)
The rank of a journal based on simple citation information is a popular measure. The simplicity and availability of rankings such as Impact Factor, Eigenfactor and SciMago Journal Rank based on trusted commercial sources ensures their widespread use for many important tasks despite the well-known limitations of such rankings. In this paper we look at an(More)
discovery is now in the realm of international collaboration networks rather than individuals, institutions or nations. The research that emerges from these collaborations garners more attention than national research and is cited more frequently by other publications. The Nature Index is a selection of the world’s leading research publications, honed to(More)
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