Tamar Runyan

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Human body odor may contribute to selection of partners. If so, sexual orientation may influence preference for and perhaps production of human body odors. In a test of these hypotheses, heterosexual and homosexual males and females made two-alternative forced-choice preference judgments for body odors obtained from other heterosexual and homosexual males(More)
The use of intravenous antibiotics as prophylaxis in penetrating eye injuries is strictly empiric and not based on scientific data supporting their use. To determine the efficacy of prophylactic intravenous cefazolin in penetrating eye injuries, a rabbit model of posttraumatic endophthalmitis was developed. Forty rabbits received penetrating eye injuries(More)
Pars plana vitrectomy and scleral buckling were performed on 22 eyes of 19 patients for treatment of perforating eye injuries from shotgun pellets. We reviewed the intraoperative findings at the time of vitrectomy to determine what factors might influence final visual acuity. The presence of a total retinal detachment at vitrectomy portended a poor(More)
BACKGROUND Penetrating eye injuries remain an important cause of blindness among children. METHODS Thirty consecutive children, nine years of age or younger, were treated for penetrating eye injuries. Twenty-two (73%) of those patients studied were male and 8 (17%) were female. The average age of the patients was 4.6 years. Sharp objects accounted for the(More)
A case of a young man afflicted with falciparum malaria is presented in which the primary ocular finding was a subpigment epithelial hemorrhage involving the macula. Previous reports in the literature concentrate on peripheral and central retinal hemorrhages, almost to the exclusion of choroidal vascular abnormalities. The value of this case lies in the(More)
One hundred six eyes of 53 patients with severe thermal burns were studied with serial conjunctival cultures during a four-month period. A dramatic shift of the normal conjunctival flora from the preponderance of Staphylococcus epidermidis and Corynebacterium to S aureus and Gram-negative bacilli was observed. This commonly occurred on the fifth to sixth(More)