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We formulate here a few technical (mathematical) open problems related to the in vitro biochemical experiment planned in Technion for computing the Fibonacci sequence in terms of P systems. So-called local-loop-free P systems are introduced and their universality for various types of P systems as well as other issues are mentioned as research questions.
A novel infochemical device that is based on (1)H NMR readout of chemical information is presented. This chemical encoding system utilizes two measurable parameters of homogeneous mixtures, chemical shift and peak integration, for three different applications: 1) a text-encoding device that is based on spectral representation of a sequence of symbols, 2)(More)
A method of dosimetric planning of multifield local irradiation of prostatic cancer using a file of optimized dose fields was proposed (the fields were computed for concrete patients). Basic charts were used to choose a necessary dose field, then the time of irradiation is computed in present directions for each concrete patient. The method was tested(More)