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Absence seizures are characterized by impairment of consciousness associated with widespread bilaterally synchronous spike-and-wave discharges (SWDs) in the electroencephalogram (EEG), which reflect highly synchronized oscillations in thalamocortical networks. Although recent pharmacological studies suggest that the basal ganglia could provide a remote(More)
The aim of the present study was to examine age-related changes in the parenchymal and stromal components of palatal salivary glands of healthy subjects. Palatal salivary gland biopsies were obtained from 120 autopsies and were divided into young, adult, and old age groups. Histomorphometric measurements were performed on hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stained(More)
The basal ganglia are composed of a set of forebrain structures implicated in the adaptive control of behaviour. These structures process information originating from the entire cerebral cortex, as well as from nonspecific thalamic nuclei and the amygdala. In turn, they redistribute the integrated signals toward thalamic and brainstem nuclei related to(More)
Recursion is a key concept, appearing in almost every introductory course in computer-science. Educators and researchers often refer to difficulties in learning and teaching recursion. However, the research literature barely addresses the unique ways in which students relate to this interdisciplinary concept and the particular learners’ language concerning(More)
This paper reports a research into the performance of high school students while they were first exposed to the paradigm of functional programming. The findings have been organized using three categories. In this paper we will concentrate on the "Automated assignment to parameters" conception which was the most widespread conception found in the research.(More)
Twenty cases of alcoholic hepatitis were registered in a Gastroenterology Service during a two year span (from February 1980 to February 1982). The obstructive clinical pattern was predominant in an important number of the cases her reported. This is a remarkable situation for a clinical pathological correlationship to avoid indicating surgery for this type(More)
An approach to the teaching and learning of high school computer science (CS) to and by educationally disadvantaged students (EDS) is described. We begin by outlining six pedagogical principles for designing learning environments appropriate for EDS. Then, the implementation of one of these principles is presented. Results from years of using the CS module(More)
Functional Programming includes complex concepts and advanced ideas such as building abstractions with functions, compound data and list processing. Other core concepts, such as lists and evaluation of expressions, might seem simpler yet prove to be complex for some students, as we will show in this paper. Teaching FP issues to secondary school students(More)
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